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FandEQ2 (Applicant) 6/29/2011 5:17 PM EST : Fand - 90 swashbuckler

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Hello and well met.
After talking to Krullus a few weeks ago and then taking a break from the game due to a busy period at work I've finally decided to apply. I do realize that you guys are pretty full on rogues atm, but I'm confident I can prove I'm still worth a raid spot. So here goes:

Character Name:


Swashbuckler, 90

Current AA Total:
300, since the first week of DoV.

Mythical / Completed SF Mythical Buff Quest Line:
Yes, since the first week of SF.

Overall Gear Quality:
Jewelry and weapons are 100% DoV raid quality (mostly x4 EM, a few pieces from tofs x2). With the armor pieces I had a bit worse luck - due to passing to other scouts who had problems staying alive and a terrible luck with scout armor drop rates in my previous guild, I ended up as the top dkp when the guild disbanded, but with only a few raid armor pieces to show for it. The other armor slots are ry-gorr shard armor or SF T3. Fully adorned, with mostly T9 fabled adorns.

Spell Quality:
Fully mastered as both swashbuckler and brigand (speaking of betrayal - while I'm not interested in permanently betraying back to brigand, I wouldn't mind temporarily doing so if the need arises - I have experience raiding as both classes).

Raid Experience:
I've played and raided since TSO.The only raiding guild I've been a part of was Lunar Dawn of Befallen and then Oasis, where I was one of the most active members (and top dpsers). In SF we have cleared tox/labs/palace minus Ark and RT4, as well as 2 wings of UD on easy. In DoV we have cleared the x4 easy mode minus statue, tofs x2 minus Tserrina (have the scout raid debuff), and first 2 named in Vuul's x2.
Eq2Players Profile Link:
Doesn't work, as a result of server merge, links to a level 1 templar.

In-Guild Reference:

Anything else we should know in considering your application (including any issues with consistently meeting raid times):
Your raid times are perfect, as I'm in East European time zone, and the morning raids mean evenings are open for real life activities. Unless something unexpected comes up, I should be able to make all of the raids. I'm able to pay attention and follow directions. I'm an adult and don't cause drama.

Note - I'm not online much these days, as my current guild is dead and I rarely pug. The best way to contact me would be thru these forums or via ingame mail. Thanks for reading.


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